Vegan, there and back again.

If you’ve read some of my past blogs, you may know that I was going to try going vegan for a week. On day 2 of being vegan, I watched a film called, “What the Health.” Wow, what a complete game changer! Minutes after finishing the movie, I told myself that this wasn’t going to be a week thing, this was a forever thing. Unfortunately, three weeks later I hit a breaking point. I had plans to go out to eat with some friends and there was literally nothing I could eat except lettuce with no dressing on it. Being vegan really isn’t that hard, but when you’re a gluten-free, mushroom-free vegan, things can get challenging. To my own disgust, I went back to eating dairy for about two weeks.

When I was back at eating dairy, it felt different than it did before. I couldn’t simply eat a stick of cheese and feel fine anymore. Knowing what was actually in the products and how they got to me, was more than my stomach could bare. Besides being grossed out, here are a few other things I noticed when I went back to eating dairy.

  1. My skin broke out more. I’ve had acne on and off since I hit puberty 9 years ago. The minute I began to eat plant-based foods and eliminate all animal products from my diet, I noticed my skin cleared up rather quickly. And, just as quickly as it left, it came back when I added dairy back into my diet.
  2. I was never hungry. I had this problem leading up to starting my vegan journey. I was constantly overeating and adding buckets of cheese to my meals. I would eat 2-3 times a day, but never felt full and never felt satisfied. It sounds silly, but feeling hungry is a refreshing feeling… it means everything’s working properly. When I began to eat vegan, I felt amazing! I would get hungry, eat, feel satisfied. Again, not feeling hungry came back when I added back dairy, and left when I eliminated it.
  3. My energy was gone. I live a very busy life. I work long hours, I volunteer once a week, and I take online courses. I don’t have time to be tired. I need to make the most out of my sleep and the most out of my energy. When I eat animal products I feel gross and tired all of the time.

My goal for 2018 is to embrace veganism to its fullest and see how it has changed my life after one year of full commitment.

Have you guys noticed any differences from eating vegan opposed to eating animal products?

-Grace Fig

3 thoughts on “Vegan, there and back again.

  1. I started a vegan diet in September last year. Accidently a few weeks back, I ate a soup which contained dairy. Instantly I felt unwell and noticed stomach cramps.
    My dermatologist years ago told me to give up dairy because most of us are intolerant. One glass of milk contains around 66 different hormones.
    I recommend going on the Veganuary website. You can type in any of the main cafes and restaurants and it tells you exactly what you can eat. Pizza Express do the most AMAZING vegan pizza. I actually prefer it over a normal margherita. And try Moo Free chocolate (you can buy from most places). x

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