Vegan in a day.

As some of you know, I began my vegan journey on Monday. I also mentioned, that I was simply going to try being vegan for a week (which I’ve been informed is NOT actually being vegan – because veganism is a lifestyle, not a diet). To be honest, I was quite skeptical that I’d be able to live vegan and give up my beloved cheese. (did you know that beloved cheese has puss in it? Yeah… different blog for a different day.) What I was NOT expecting was to learn about a beautiful community on a mission to not only save the lives of our furry companions, but of YOU as well.

Here’s where my change of heart came from. After watching my friend on YouTube, Jo Likes bananas (go check out her channel she’s amazing), I was led to another YouTuber called FreeLee the Banana Girl. Lot’s of people hate her, whatever, I really have no opinion. In one of her videos she mentioned the documentary, “What the Health”. PERFECT. I love documentaries! Let me just say, this documentary changed my life. I went from being skeptical, to wanting to shout out from the rooftops the benefits of veganism.

Let’s face it, vegans get a bad wrap, and here is why I personally think why. Typically, when people think of vegans, they think animal loving hippies that value animal life over your tasty meal. The animal is already dead, so why not eat it? I hear you. And, three days ago, I would’ve agreed. Is me being a vegan truly saving animal lives and the environment? Maybe, but that’s not why I’m doing it. You see, vegans sometimes fail to spread the larger message, HOW IT BENEFITS YOU. Being a vegan does amazing things to and for your body. It is my personal belief that that is the message vegans should be sharing. Because although animal lives matter, so do humans, and if humans help themselves, the animals will also reap the benefits.

2 thoughts on “Vegan in a day.

  1. The What the health documentary really inspired me to become vegan as well. In society, we are always taught to eat animal product continually, so it is refreshing to see another viewpoint.
    Since changing my diet, what has really shocked me is how many products contain animal. Bananas and wine are not vegan unless the bananas are organic and the wine says it’s vegan. It is actually really complicated and the more I research, the more I realise how much we depend on them.
    But I agree, vegans get stereotyped as hippies who people try to be ‘cool’. There are amazing health benefits. x

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