Back To School – Staying Healthy Tips.

Tis’ the season of back to school! For many of you, you have just started school or will be starting shortly. One thing that I remember being extremely hard in high school is staying healthy. And I don’t just mean eating healthy, but all around healthy habits including eating, sleeping, and time management. I’ve put a few tips together on simple ways to make a BIG impact! Not in school? That’s okay, neither am I, I use these tips for work!

  1. Make your lunch the night before. You don’t necessarily need to pack them the night before, but you definitely want to have the food prepared and ready to go for the morning. This will cut down on prep time in the morning, and it will ensure that you’re eating something substantial, instead of a bag of chips or cookies as you run out the door – or even worse… fast food.
  2. Plan your outfit the night before. Personally, I don’t lay out my clothes before I go to sleep. I do, however, make a mental note of what is clean and what I will wear the next day. That way, I don’t spend 25 minutes trying to figure out what to wear
  3. Workout in the morning. Now, this may not apply to quite a few people if they play school sports or already have a specific gym routine. I do recommend this for anyone who doesn’t work out at all or isn’t great about keeping up with a routine. There are tons of apps and programs you can use. The one I use (and it’s free) is the Nike + Training app. It creates workouts for you varying from 6-30 minutes. It’s honestly the best thing ever and makes working out simple and fun.
  4. Get a good night’s sleep. I can’t stress enough how important this is. It is true, that not everyone needs the same amount of sleep in order to function. Regardless, you should aim to get at least 6 hours of sleep every night (I made that number up – get at least enough sleep to feel well rested). Fit your schedule so that this is possible. Better to get less hours of studying and be fully rested for your test than be so tired during the test you can’t even function.
  5. Know your limits. Know your body’s limit and your time limits. Be careful to not over commit yourself. People can handle different amounts of work and activities. If you know you get easily overwhelmed, then tone it down a notch.


I hope you guys find these helpful! I know a they’re pretty common knowledge, but sometimes we just need a reminder!


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