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Praying Honest Prayers.

Hello everyone! Recently, I’ve been very convicted in my prayer life. Growing up in a Christian home, going to church every Sunday, and having a lot of Christian friends, you hear a lot of generic prayers.

“Lord, thank you for this food we are about to receive. Thank you for this time we have together. In Your name, Amen.”

“Lord, thank you for all you’ve done for me. Please forgive me for my sins.”

“Dear God, thank you so much for blessing me with _____. Please help me ____.”

Is there anything wrong with these prayers? No, there is not. But I couldn’t help asking myself…. What has He done for me? What are my sins? Am I just saying these prayers, or do I mean them?

Here’s my thought process. God knows everything – including my struggles, my praises, and especially my heart. So, instead of praying how I think I’m supposed to, why don’t I just tell him the truth? That night I sat down with my prayer journal (writing helps me organize my prayer) and just starting pouring out my heart. The good and the bad, just telling God about my life. It was such a crazy feeling to just let go of everything and give it to Him.

Challenge yourself this week to pray some honest prayers!

One thought on “Praying Honest Prayers.

  1. I love this! So true and very important. I always tell people, “God already knows everything we are dealing with. We mind as well just be real with him.” I always advise people and myself to talk to God like He’s our best friend. Because He is. Our Father, best-friend, comfort, all in one. Great reminder! Thanks for sharing! ♥️

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